Case Study

Kings Cross Re-modelling

The throat of kings cross train station in the early evening

The Project

The Kings Cross Re-modelling project was a major upgrade project of the Kings Cross infrastructure within the station and on its approaches.

The Project was aimed at improving its capacity, safety, and operational efficiency. The project involved extensive redesigning and rebuilding of the station's platforms, tracks, signals, and other critical infrastructure. The project was initiated by Network Rail and was carried out by a consortium of engineering firms, including ei who acted as the Lead construction Engineer.

EI was tasked with providing rail engineering integration services for the Kings Cross Re-modelling project, ei led constructability and planning  workshops for the station and throat area of the station appraoch. The Throat area is where the tracks converge and diverge, forming a complex web of criss-crossing lines and junctions. It was the most critical and challenging part of the station, where any failure or malfunction can have severe consequences on the station's operations and safety.


The Solution

To address the challenges posed by the Kings Cross Re-modelling project, ei adopted a multi-pronged approach. Firstly, ei's rail engineers worked closely with other engineering disciplines to develop a comprehensive design that addressed the station's capacity, safety, and operational requirements. The design included the construction of new tracks, signals, and switches, as well as the upgrading of existing infrastructure.

Secondly, ei used innovative construction planning methods and techniques to minimize disruptions to the station's services and ensure the safety of passengers and workers. For example, ei proposed the use of pre-fabricated components that could be quickly installed, minimizing the time spent on site. ei also used advanced simulation tools to simulate the construction process, identifying potential hazards and optimizing construction sequences.

Thirdly, ei implemented a robust quality management system, which included regular inspections and audits to ensure that construction work met the required standards. ei also maintained close communication with other contractors and stakeholders to ensure that construction work was coordinated and integrated.

"The Kings Cross Re-modelling project was completed successfully in 2021, on time and within the revised budget. The government required the construction to be accelerated, taking advantage of the drop in patronage during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The remodeled station now has increased capacity, improved safety features, and better operational efficiency, making it a more pleasant and convenient experience for our returning passengers." 

John Hilliard  ei Director

The Results

The Kings Cross Re-modelling project was a challenging and complex project, requiring the integration of various engineering disciplines and the use of innovative construction methods. ei's rail engineering integration services played a critical role in the project's success, ensuring that the station's throat area was redesigned and rebuilt to the required standards, while minimizing disruptions and ensuring the safety of passengers and workers.

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