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What is heat straightening?

The first use of Heat-straightening in the UK, performed to realign impact damaged bridge structures was in 2000, on the severely impact damaged M5 New Road Overbridge near Bridgewater. The recommendations of the FHWA were followed and the repair proved to be very successful. Subsequently around 35 impact damaged bridges around the UK have been realigned by the heat-straightening process, and ei's staff have been involved in more than half.

All of the realigned structures have been highway bridges. To date, no UK railway bridges have been repaired, but there are records of riveted railway bridges being successfully heat-straightened in the USA and Canada.

ei are the leading design consultant specialising in developing heating procedures for the repair of damaged structures, and can provide bespoke training packages to consultants and contractors who undertake steel structure repairs and maintenance


•  A versatile process for repair of impact damaged and misaligned steel bridges and other structures

• A fraction of the cost of replacement•No heavy equipment required•Small work crew typically between 5 & 7 including the Supervisor

• Typical repair completed in 3 to 4 shifts

• Material properties maintained within permitted limits

• Small amounts of heat applied in multiple pre-planned patterns and sequences

• External support from road level seldom required•Can be used in combination with cut-outs of damaged secondary steelwork.

We provide a Design Appreciation Course on heat straightening that will leave you able to plan and execute a practical heat straightening repair.

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